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Fast, Accurate Boiler & Furnace Repair in the Niagara Region

Many people tend to take their furnace for granted, at least until it stops working. If your furnace isn’t functioning properly, an experienced professional is the best person to fix the problem and make sure it doesn’t quickly get worse. As an established plumbing and heating contractor, J. Muro Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has the experience, tools and skills to provide you with accurate, cost-effective furnace repair services in the Niagara Region.

Our friendly and highly-trained technicians understand your situation and needs – we have been helping home-owners solve their furnace problems for 38 years. Our impeccable diagnostic skills allow us to find the source of the problem and provide you with all the available options. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we always provide an estimate of your repair before going forward. We provide service and repairs for all brands of furnaces.


Regular maintenance will keep your furnace working in optimal condition while promoting system longevity, helping to prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs, and maintaining warranty guidelines.
We also provide insurance on your furnace; ask the office about it.


Call us today to schedule your yearly tune-up!


Need a heating solution for your home? Is your current furnace unreliable? At J. Muro Plumbing & Heating Ltd. our team provides the highest level of quality installations and replacements. When you hire us, you can rest assured that each job is performed by a knowledgeable technician. And no matter the size of your space, we have a furnace installation option that will suit you. All of our furnaces are high-efficiency furnaces, designed to save energy and reduce your monthly energy bill. We also offer very reasonable pricing to best serve your needs! Talk to us today to learn more about the furnace installation process, and get a free estimate for your furnace installation.

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